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Question: Is there an image gallery for Geeklog?

Answer: There are several image galleries available that integrate with Geeklog:

Gallery is a powerful, stand-alone image gallery written in PHP. Geeklog support is built into Gallery 1.x as of Gallery 1.4.3 and is available as an option from its install script when you install Gallery.

For Gallery 2, there are two solutions available: For Gallery 2.0, there's the GL_Gallery2 Plugin. For Gallery 2.1, you should use G2Bridge instead.

Inmemoriam is a gallery plugin written specifically for Geeklog and therefore currently offers the best integration with Geeklog's features such as the permission system.

Media Gallery is a on line photo / multi-media gallery for the Geeklog CMS. Media Gallery provides the standard items you would expect in a photo gallery, with a tight integration into Geeklog, taking full advantage of Geeklog's capabilities. Standard photo gallery features include an integrated slide show, ability to print photos on line through Shutterfly with a single click, rating of photo�s, comments and much, much more. Media Gallery supports a wide range of media types, including BMP, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .ASF, .WMV .MOV (Quicktime), .SWF (Flash) .MPG, .MP3 and .OGG. Supporting multiple methods to add media to your gallery, including browser uploads, FTP uploads and Windows XP Publishing Wizard.

If you're looking for a simpler solution, you may want to try out MIG (My Image Gallery) which is another stand-alone gallery script that offers an option to be integrated with Geeklog.

An even simpler solution is this minimalist gallery.

Older solutions

Geekary was another image gallery plugin written specifically for Geeklog. However, the author has stopped working on it and it is known to have issues with current Geeklog releases.

Also available is a integration hack for 4images, another stand-alone image gallery. The integration, however, was made for an earlier Geeklog release and has not been updated since. It may require quite a bit of work to get this working with a current version of Geeklog.

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