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Question: How do I change the logo?

Answer: In most themes (including the Professional theme), the site's logo is defined in the header.thtml template file using the {site_logo} variable. When the header is displayed, {site_logo} is replaced with the URL to the actual image.

In Geeklog versions prior to 1.4.0, that URL was always http://www.example.com/layout/professional/images/logo.gif, i.e. a file logo.gif in your theme's images directory.

As of Geeklog 1.4.0, themes can override the image type. The Professional theme, for example, uses PNG images and therefore the site logo is now also a PNG file, named logo.png.

So, to change the logo you can either replace that file with your own image or you can remove the {site_logo} variable and replace it with the URL of your own logo image.

Note that the width and height of the logo is usually hard-coded in header.thtml, too, so you'll have to adjust the image dimensions if your logo is of a different size.

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