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Date: 2003-04-04 16:44
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Version: 1.0
MD5: 79e8c432983e41beb3a2346a2801b3bd
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Happy Birthday!
This plugin doesn't do much other than let members view/enter/maintain their own birthdates. It comes equipped with a block that displays the current month's birthdays as well as next months.
Stuff it doesn't do (yet)

- add proper paging for the main birthday display.
- Integrate / add patches for calendar to make birthday's appear on the calendar (any volunteers?)
- Create more formatting options
- Complete additional language patches (any volunteers?)
- Integrate a line item into the menu structure
- Suggestions anybody?
- Add smarts to the editor form so that it only displays the proper number of days for the month displayed (tricky javascript bit).
- Create a mass import feature to import a large amount of birthdata.