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Date: 2003-03-12 17:00
Size: 12.25 KB
MD5: f8a1d183f1f24c519463ad2a5dcd6d20
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This is the Simply Chinese (gb2312) language page for GeekLog!
Category: Add-ons
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Date: 2003-03-12 16:08
Size: 13.50 KB
Version: 1.2
MD5: 15ad1518b806a9e34edb4a9e93c8a918
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Enhances siteindex "drop-in" that indexs all stories, comments, polls, static pages, links, events, and files within a GeekLog site for easy access by search engine robots. Just drop all files in your /public_html directory and link to siteindex.php from anywhere on your site.
Note that Static Pages 1.2 and the Filemgmt plugin are required for the siteindex to work.
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Date: 2003-03-12 08:48
Size: 1.48 KB
Version: 1.1
MD5: 756f30b6c9c444b19d339e3e8caa252a
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Manual Digest Plugin 1.1 - Polish translation file
Category: Add-ons arrow Plugins
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Date: 2003-03-09 22:21
Size: 56.60 KB
Version: 0.8
MD5: 0f5994fc5c8fedafa881f340b447a055
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** Beta Release for Testing **
Geeklog Plugin for managing Frequently Asked Questions. Based on the FAQMan from Stephen Ball. Plugin now provides Geeklog integrated install, de-install, admin, security, search and modified templates.
Category: Add-ons
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Date: 2003-03-04 14:06
Size: 9.62 KB
Version: v1.0
MD5: d71b870fe65cd3490986b35dc89d628e
Submitter: rawdata
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IRC Chat Block provides the capability to embed and host a chat room inside a Geeklog site. A visitor's browser must have the Java plugin in order to use the jIRC client software. If this feature is disabled, the visitor can still enter the room using one of the readily available downloadable client softwares.

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