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A spammer's "sleeper" account on Geeklog sites

  • Friday, January 13 2006 @ 06:25 pm EST
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You may want to check if you have a registered user on your site who's email address is new@sys54.3fn.net or new1@sys54.3fn.net (or a variation thereof). On at least two Geeklog sites (including geeklog.net) that user has suddenly started posting comment spam (for drugs and pills) after the account lay dormant for a year or longer. The oldest accounts found so far date back to August 2004.

Account names differ but follow a pattern: 9NoraRebecca, 3BillAlika, 7FlossieOma, 9AlmaNoguri

We suggest that you delete or at least ban that user (banning a user is only supported as of Geeklog 1.4.0). If you find any interesting variation of the above patterns and suspect it's the same user, feel free to email us and send us the details.