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Forum Plugin v2.9.1

  • Monday, November 02 2015 @ 11:24 am EST
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  • Views: 15,862

The Geeklog Forum Plugin 2.9.1 is now available for download.

This release brings many important changes and now requires Geeklog v2.1.1 (works fine with the released version of Geeklog v2.1.1 Beta 1). Please read below to view a summary of these changes:

New Features

  • Forum now supports the use of different templates depending on what Geeklog theme is set
  • Reorganized how templates are handled. New denim template based on UIkit
  • Reduced number of templates required. Removed html embedded in code
  • Integrated support for the reCAPTCHA 1.0 plugin
  • Added rich snippets (schema) to forum breadcrumbs (topics and topic listings)
  • Added separate Category forum page. Updated forum breadcrumbs to point back to category page
  • Plus numerous other features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed postmode issues where Admin could not set postmode for posts that were originally HTML but HTML is now not allowed on forum
  • Fixed small sticky post bug and now allow a topic to be BOTH sticky and locked
  • Plus numerous other bug fixes

For a full list of new features and bug fixes see the history.txt file found in the docs folder included with this release.

Since Google Code has now closed down we have moved the code repository for the Geeklog Forum Plugin to GitHub.

If you find any bugs or wish to request a feature, please add them to our issues tracker.