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Maps plugin 1.0.5 is out

  • Saturday, October 23 2010 @ 09:49 am EDT
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After several months required for the development, here is the first official release of the Maps Plugin 1.0.5.

This plugin allows you to create google maps, after creating the necessary key to the Google Maps API. On each map, you can, as well as users of your site, add markers. The idea is to provide a collaborative tool that allows you to create and update maps.

In this first public release, you have an Autotag to show the maps and markers, where Autotag are allowed in your website (stories, static pages, blocks ...). You can also show a map created on the fly using Autotag. To do this, please refer to the documentation page.

Customize markers and maps

For each map, the markers can be customized (color and label). You can also change the labels of information that make up the second tab of each marker and the map type (satellite, plane ...) and the map size.

Any feedback is welcome in the geeklog.net forum.