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Suggestions For GeekLog

  • Saturday, October 19 2002 @ 05:40 pm EDT
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Geeklog Here is a list of my ideas for features that it would be neat for GeekLog to have. Its a great product as it is -- just think of how sweet it would be with stuff like this added to it..
  • In 'Display Preferences,' that list of authors whose stories you can choose not to display can get quite long. How about turning it into a a multi-choice SELECT list?
  • Ability to associate stories with specific polls, so those polls will appear when the story is viewed.
  • A Kuro5hin-like comment rating system. Basically users rate the comment between 1 and 5, and the comment's average rating is displayed, and users can sort the comments by rating. For even more fun, keep track of the average rating of the comments posted by any one user, and automatically assign that rating to comments he posts in the future.
  • A story-rating system could also be made on the same idea.
  • Non-admin privilages (for example comment.post, poll.vote, story.submit etc) which can be given to specific groups, the Registered Users group, or the All Users group. This will give site admins more control over who can access features like these, than simply a choice of whether or not unregistered users can do it (which is what we have now).
  • When releasing a new version of GeekLog, do so with most or all of the publicly available plugins, blocks, themes, etc. installed but disabled so site admins can use them without having to find out what they are, seek them out, install them, etc.
  • The ability for users to opt-in to certain groups (those designated by the admin) during registration, or after, through a User Functions option. For example, this would make it easy for the admin to send out a site newsletter to those interested through the Mail Users function.
  • The ability to make certain stories expire -- either after a certain amount of time has passed, or after a certain number of stories have been posted AFTER the one which is set to expire. For example, "when 10 stories are posted after this one, this one expires." This will let admins make simple site-related announcements which need to be said, but don't need to be archived as part of the site -- they'll be just fine expiring as soon as they're bumped off the front page.