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New Geeklog Core Team Members

  • Wednesday, May 04 2005 @ 03:09 pm EDT
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As you have no doubt noticed, Geeklog development wasn't exactly going forward swiftly lately, mostly due to personal and job-related commitments of the current core team members. So we've decided to enlist more personnel:

Please welcome Oliver Spiesshofer (aka tokyoahead) and Michael Jervis (aka THEMike) as new members of the core Geeklog 1.3 development team. Mike and Oliver will replenish the current team, which consists of Tony, Blaine, Vinny, and this guy.

I'm still reluctant to give a timeframe, but the next steps towards Geeklog 1.3.12 will be to stabilize what we already have in CVS with the aim to release a beta version before we move on to release candidates. The idea of the beta being to get some feedback on some of the new features that are currently under development before we finalize them.

In the meantime, if you want to keep track of the development, you can subscribe to the geeklog-devtalk mailing list to which daily digests of the (closed) geeklog-devel mailing list are posted and join in on the discussions.