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New and updated Developer Resources

  • Sunday, March 15 2009 @ 09:05 am EDT
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So while we're patiently waiting to learn whether or not we will be invited to participate in the Google Summer of Code again this year (the list of accepted mentoring organizations will be published on March 18), here are some new and updated resources for Geeklog developers (old and new):

Source Code Documentation

You may have seen the phpDocumentor tags in our source code, describing what the classes and functions do, what their parameters are, etc. Unfortunately, it seems to have been a while since someone actually ran the Geeklog source through phpDocumentor and a a lot of things weren't quite right. So while we're fixing this, you can see the current status at http://project.geeklog.net/src/. It is updated every night from the current development branch.

Nightly Tarball

Speaking of nightly updates: Our Nighty Tarball of the current development version is now packaged such that it can be used like a regular release, i.e. it includes all the required PEAR classes and comes without the unused / experimental code that lurks in some remote corners of our Mercurial repository.

In other words: You can download and install the Nightly Tarball just like a regular release. Just don't use this version on a live site! But you're welcome to try it out to see what's coming in the next release and give us some early feedback.

Getting Started

For those looking for a way to get started with Geeklog development, there is now a (very short) Getting Started guide, which points you to all the available resources (including the ones above).

Plugin Toolkit

The Geeklog Plugin Toolkit will eventually become a set of tools for plugin developers to help them create and update their plugins (and thus replace the aging Universal Plugin). For more information, see the wiki page for the Plugin Toolkit.

The first of these tools is the Plugin Generator, a PHP script that asks you a few questions and then creates a fully working skeleton plugin (including install and uninstall routines). All you have to do is implement the actual functionality of the plugin. A (very early, very alpha) version of the Plugin Generator is now available for download.