Dirk's Bad Behavior plugin for Geeklog has been updated to the latest version of Bad Behavior (v2.0.10) written by Michael Hampton. Bad Behavior 2 is a major upgrade from the original Bad Behavior previously included with the Bad Behavior Geeklog plugin. You can download the latest Bad Behavior 2 plugin here.

The Bad Behavior 2 plugin is designed to integrate into your web site, running as early as possible to throw out spam bots before they have the opportunity to vandalize your site with their junk, or even to scrape your pages for e-mail addresses and forms to fill out. For more information on Bad Behavior, see the main Bad Behavior web site.

Some of the enhancements found in Bad Behavior v2.0.10 include:

Enhancements to the plugin include: Be sure to read the upgrade instructions included in the distribution if you are currently running Bad Behavior 1.

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