An advanced editor option is now available as part of the Geeklog 1.4 release. The integration of the FCKeditor which is one of the most popular and well supported OpenSource (LGPL Licensed) HTML editors brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word.

A summary of the integration features:

Site Config file Settings to enable Editor

The editor is not enabled by default and requires the option to be changed in the main site config.php file

// +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
// | Support for custom templaes to support advanced Rich Text Editor
// | Checked in comment.php, submit.php, admin/story.php and
// | staticpages/index.php. If set true and advanced template exists
// | Note: If enabled, the default postmode will be html
// +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
$_CONF['advanced_editor'] = true;

The image/file browser will upload all the images/files to directories by default that are under your public_html ($_CONF['path_html']) directory. A new directory called library will have 4 sub folders (directories) that store the different resource types (images,files,assorted media). You can then create subfolders using the image browser to organize your library. The path to the main library directory can be changed if desired.

// +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
// | Path to user files relative to the $_CONF['site_url'] (no trailing slash)
// | Relative Directory where the Editor Image Library store
// +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
$_CONF_FCK['imagelibrary'] = '/images/library';

Notes for anyone not using the supplied professional theme - new templates are required to enable the Editor

Directory Permissions:

Customizing the Editor Toolbars used

FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["editor-toolbar1"] = [
] ;

Other Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I launch the Edtitor in a new window
  2. How do I insert a line break instead of a new paragraph:
    > Use Shift-Enter instead of just Enter
  3. Are there shortcuts for some of the formatting options
    > Yes, use Cntrl-B for Bold, Ctrl-I for Italic, Ctrl-U for underline. Repeat to turn off
    > Use your mouse RightClick to show a context-sensitive menu. Specially if editing tables
  4. Can I view the HTML Source and edit it.
    > Yes, the Source toolbar option is for this. Just make sure you return to non-source mode before saving or the changes will be lost.
  5. How do I upload files
    > Using the Image Browser "mountain like icon on the toolbar", use the "link" subtab of the first pop-up instead of the "Image Info" tab. You can then browse and upload new 'file' type or other resource types. You would also use the "Image Info" to use an icon for the image to be displayed as the link to the file/resource you have just uploaded.

Example: < click me
Note: Set the image border property to 0 to not show the image border

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