Geeklog 1.8.0 is now available for download.

With Geeklog 1.8.0 we have raised the minimum system requirement for PHP. PHP version 5.2.0 or greater is now required.

There are a number of new features with this version of Geeklog. These include:

Please note: In our beta version and release candidates for Geeklog 1.8.0 a number of Geeklog paths were disclosed as variables in JavaScript. It is highly recommended to upgrade any of your sites using these versions to the final version of Geeklog 1.8.0.

Developers, please read more below to find out what has changed or is new in Geeklog that may affect development of themes and plugins.

Here is a list of features that plugin and theme authors may be interested in incorporating into your work. The core plugins have been updated to use these new features so they make excellent code examples.

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