Need to sell products. Paypal plugin version 1.1 is out and bring a cart to your geeklog site.

The PayPal plugin allows you to have an online product list and accept payment via PayPal. Products can be downloadable as program or pdf files, or can be physic as books, CD, DVD...

This plugin require PHP 5.2 or greater. I also recommend using the jquery plugin to support lightbox feature in your shop.

Download Paypal plugin | See demo site


By default the paypal plugin will grant administrative rights to the plugin to the Root Group. Shopping (purchasing) privileges will be granted to the “Logged-In Users” group. Viewing privileges will be granted to the “All Useres” group. By adding users or groups as members of the “Paypal Admin” or “Paypal Users” or “Paypal Viewers” group you can control who has administrative, shopping, and viewing privileges.

Paypal plugin what's new

You can add your shop (products display page) in a static php page.


For upgrading to version 1.1 do not make an automatic upgrade by uploading the archive via the admin panel, it won't work. Please make a manual (ftp) upload of the files.

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