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New Theme Variations from MindFab.com

  • Saturday, June 21 2003 @ 07:18 pm EDT
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Announcements MindFab.com has released 3 GeekLog theme variations and more are on their way. We currently have them on our download section on our site http://www.mindfab.com/ filemgmt/index.php The screenshots for the themes are with the descriptions so you don't have to download the theme and run it to see if you like it.

There's more where that came from - no one has asked us for any of these, so we never published them until now.

We have several that we did custom mods to for clients, some for our own sites, and that's what these themes represent - mainly colorizations and some layout mods of existing themes you may recognize, some major HTML fixes to one theme.

Being able to colorize existing themes is a great savings of time and money for people who want a different look.

We'll publish more variations as we have time. check back. We'll also try to push some up to the other GeekLog theme repositories...again as time permits.

Landon Cox