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Geeklog Development Roadmap

  • Wednesday, March 05 2003 @ 02:20 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog I've been using Geeklog for about a month now, and am please to say I'm a devoted fan. After trying PHP-Nuke, and PostNuke; I feel like I've found a home. :)

In order to customize my site, I sometimes make changes to some of the core GL files, outside of the usual plugins and themes. I know this will make upgrading harder, but frankly my PHP skills and understanding of Geeklog make it hard for me to "stay inside the lines," at this point.

So, this leads me to ask; what is the current plan for GeekLog developers? It seems 2.0 will be a significant upgrade. Do you expect an operational version of it to be available in the foreseeable future? How much longer do you believe the 1.3 track will be actively developed. What new features are currently being developed? Maybe there's a URL about all this I just haven't found?

I plan on developing a couple new sites in the next couple of weeks, but would rather hold off if an update to GL is about to come down the pike.

Thanks to all the developers for their great work.