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Turning geeklog into a true CMS

  • Thursday, January 23 2003 @ 02:46 pm EST
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Geeklog Hi all,

I've been using geeklog for a while on my personal projects (haven't made any announcements yet, a bit too embarrassed about the state of my content), and after running 6 or 7 installs I decided to start taking apart the code. I have a CMS application that I've been wanting to develop for years and it looks like geeklog is probably the closest thing to it. But I would like to make the following 2 changes at a bare minimum:

1) turn articles, polls, and the calendar into plugins; make base install carry only user authentication, search, site stats, theme functionality, etc. This would make it less of a weblog system and more of a CMS.

2) improve the ability to run several sites off of one basic geeklog installation, so that when the base install is updated, all of the sites can be updated at once (and custom hacks can be propogated through all sites at once, if needed). I would find this helpful since it's a pain to update all of my sites every time a new release comes out.

Can anyone tell me if these changes or something like them are being considered for geeklog 2? Or is there another project I should look at that might suit my purposes better? I would like to contribute to the geeklog project if it seems like these changes are compatible with the current plan.