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Welcome to Geeklog Wednesday, December 07 2016 @ 11:20 am EST

e-Commerce Solution for GL?

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Consider this a feature request:

Recently, while searching for an open source and PayPal integrated shopping cart solution I came across this sourceforge project: NSNcart which is written exclusively for PHPNuke 5.5+.

I took a look at the code, and it seems easy enough to convert to GeekLog format? I wish I could do this myself, but I'm no PHP programmer.

I think that this would enhance GeekLog and render it a cut above other blogs if it could also be configured as a fully featured shopping cart that is fully integrated with PayPal (add to cart, checkout, taxs and shipping, etc.)

I know that someone has done an integration with OSCommerce, but that isn't quite what I'm looking for, and this person has not released any integration code for it.

I'd be more than happy to contribute my HTML and imagery skills to this project if someone's willing to take up the coding aspects. I'd also be more than happy to freely contribute a hosting account (fully PHP/MySQL enabled) as well as a domain name for such a project. Please contact me if this post has piqued your interest in any way.

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  • e-Commerce Solution for GL?
  • Authored by:Anonymous on Monday, November 18 2002 @ 03:41 pm EST
Looks interesting...
I am swamped right now @ work... gimme a couple of days to think about how to play with this :)

  • e-Commerce Solution for GL?
  • Authored by:Creator on Monday, November 18 2002 @ 11:09 pm EST
Sure. Let me know.

L. Whitworth