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Feature Request

  • Friday, September 06 2002 @ 08:18 am EDT
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Geeklog Here\'s my feature request.
We have the ability already to hide blocks or allow access to only registered users.
I\'d like the option to leave the block title and have a message saying \'login to view this block\' or something to that effect.

you can always tell people the benefit of registering and such, but its a lot easier to SEE what you\'re missing than read about it.

i\'ve found that once i restrict permissions on a block that was previously available to anonymous users, they just think that the block is gone. no matter how many updates i write, or all the numerous places on my site that encourages registration to get the full effect.

on many blocks this is easily donw manually. thanks to whomever did the \'refer a friend\' block, i believe it was gxblock. so for now, i just played around with his code to get what i was looking for.

anyone else agree?