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Requests for 1.3.6

  • Friday, August 16 2002 @ 03:52 pm EDT
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Geeklog Just submitting a wish or two:

The ability to set RIGHT BLOCKS alone in static pages, as opposed to \"left blocks only.\" If this option is chosen, then all the current left blocks would be shifted over to the right column, above the original right blocks.

Advanced blocks control. Currently we have the ability to set who sees what blocks (groups/user permissions, etc), and where such blocks appear (specific topics, etc). I\'d like the ability to MULTIPLE SELECT several or more topics I want a block to appear in, as well as the ability to select which static pages they appear in in the same function!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A web-based theme modification interface, much like the one used in phpweblog. I\'m not asking for COMPLETE modification, merely some of the finer points such as font faces, colors, backgrounds, and so on forth. Maybe it could be just a CSS modification interface, or something! Also, a web-based language editing system would be cool.

A more complete/detailed logging accesses and statistics system. Advanced Site Stats, if you please, complete with permissions functionality. It should log HTTP referrers like the referrer block from phpkitchen.com, track unique visitors everywhere, browsers, OS, etc etc etc!

I know my wishes are a bit far-fetching, but if the GL Gods could incorporate just ONE of the above I\'d be a very happy man.