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Multilanguage website

  • Wednesday, July 24 2002 @ 05:17 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog Hi folks,

First of all congrats for the wonderfull work done with Geeklog. I am already using it for my personal website ( http://sasaska.net ).

I am thinking about using it also for a company website but the only problem I have found not to be able to solve with the current Geeklog is languages: we have the same information in several languages. I would like to be able to post news items in several languages. Usually the first and default language would be English but if translations are available then they should appear (as flags or language symbols?) on when seeing the news item.

The needed functionality would be:

- Create a Topic (existing functionality), e.g. \"News\"
- Add a language to a topic, e.g. \"Noticias [es]\". I use \"es\" for Spanish.
- Create a new story/news item called \"Story 1\" in English (existing functionality) or in other language.
- Add a translation to an already existing story.

The default language presented to Anonymous visitors could be choosed by the administrator, English for example. So when a user visit the website the stories are presented to him in English and <b>in each story there are selectors for the languages the story is translated to</b>.

Does anybody think this functionality would be of interest to others?

Thanks for your time.