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Plot your site visitors on a world map

  • Tuesday, July 23 2002 @ 07:33 pm EDT
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Geeklog I have integrated the IP-Atlas PHP script that geographically plots IP addresses on a graphical map.

It's integrated into GL and I have modified the standard Who's Online block to show the option to "Plot IP" beside your visitors name. It will show all vistors including all the annonymous users. You can modify this if you want.

This is a neat feature the allows you to see where vistors are from. Saves you from scanning logs and looking them up using some other tool to trace IP addresses

You can see the feature at my site here and the block is available in my downloads section

Note: Many GL Users still running pre 1.3.5sr2 sites will have the problem where anonymous vistors sessions are not cleared. There is a quick fix to that but only really shows up on sites that don't have regular registered users signing in. As soon as a registerd user signs in, the older annonymous sessions are cleared. I can post the fix for this if users need it.