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File attachments?

  • Tuesday, July 16 2002 @ 02:36 pm EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog Is anyone interested in adding a file attachment system converted from the image attachment system?

Is the GL dev team currently working on something like this?

Here\'s my list of additions and changes.

Add in duplicate table of article_image. Change all row names to af_* from ai_*

Add conf var in config.php \'maxfilesperarticle\'

Duplicate all instances of image insert and display code while swapping var names to read \'file\' something.

Change html formatting to be an anchor href tag instead of an img tag and add a generic \'document\' img inside the anchor along with the file name.

Change any image vars with \'file\' something to \'image\' something.

Add in template code for new file vars.

I\'m currently stuck on getting/setting the sid for the files. I\'ll get that today.

If any of you GL developers know of a showstopper waiting for me I\'d love to hear about it. ie: something harcoded especially for images that doesn\'t show up in the usual places?

I\'ll send my code in when it\'s all working as expected.