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Geeklog RPM

  • Monday, July 08 2002 @ 01:20 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Hey everyone. I was bored one day and took a stab at making a geeklog RPM for Linux that does a few things for you when installed which is great if you manage your own linux server.

When installed, the rpm:

  • modifies config.php, lib-common.php, and emailgeeklogstories to have the correct paths to various things (programs are located using "which programname").
  • changes the example hostname in the config file to match your system's hostname upon installation.
  • defaults to having permissions of directories setup to just work with minimal problems while allowing write access only to certain directories that require it (such as the backups directory, the image upload directory, and the backend directory where your site's RDF is stored) and is setup to have permissions default to not allowing any other users on your system to be able to read your config.php file (which stores your database login/pass).
  • checks for certain things that may cause geeklog to not function correctly like file_uploads being off or register_globals being off and notifies you upon installation if you have to change any settings.

If uninstalled, your config files (which I marked the whole public_html directory and a few other files as) are not erased but renamed to their old filename with an extension of ".rpmsave".

Here is the RPM file and here is the source RPM which contains everything needed for anyone who wishes to build their own custom geeklog RPM.

The RPM installs geeklog into /var/www/geeklog

This RPM has only been tested on a Red Hat 7.3.

(Story was updated 2002-09-10)