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GL as a Corporate Refrence Solution

  • Thursday, June 27 2002 @ 09:14 pm EDT
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Geeklog I am working with a couple of clients on Intranet/Portal opportunities and GL is a potential solution. I believe we all want GL to be more successful and generate some $'s for the development community.

A couple of issues or needs that will better position GL for paying corporate clients:

  • The name Geeklog does not describe an easy to use, feature rich business solution as a first impression
  • Need for busines case studies with sample screen snapshots
  • Business refrences - Intranet/Portal type usage
  • Document Management functionality, integrated search, version tracking - an Intranet must have
  • Other business functionality - collaborative tools
    • Contact/Address book
    • Ability to track Tasks and Issues (Basic App - possibly assign tasks
    • Check for email messages (basic version available but integrated email client would be nice)
    • Mini Project Status tracker - nothing too fancy

Can anyone help with cases studies and Corporate references. I know there are plenty of GL Sites

Any ideas or similar needs be identified by others?

I'd like to see GL be successfull. These type of deals drive services and thus inovation, new development and revenue for the GL development team