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Theme Three Lions released.

  • Sunday, June 09 2002 @ 11:59 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Announcements It's more of a themelet than a theme - it's a rehash of the colour scheme for my previous theme, 3AM Eternal and a modicum of tweaking on the logo and header graphics to give a slightly different shape. The inspiration? I'm afraid I've become wholly addicted to the World Cup and I wanted to make my site more orientated to backing the fortunes of England as they progress through the tournament (sad, I know), but well, the end result is quite a nice look for those of you who prefer the lighter themes to the darker ones! You can check out the theme at Goddammit.co.uk and also download from there should you wish to use it on your site (I've included blank graphics in the tarball so you can deAnglicise it, since I'm sure the majority of Geeklog users aren't going to be fanatics of the England football team!!)