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Reminder: Language files and translations

  • Friday, June 07 2002 @ 12:05 am EDT
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No date has been set yet, but we are steering towards a new Geeklog release in the not too distant future (possibly being preceded by a release candidate).

The next version of Geeklog will bring some improvements for localisation, i.e. better support for languages other than English. This, however, requires updated language files. Currently, only the English, German, and Japanese language files are up to date. Polish is almost there, but the others are, I'm afraid, quite a bit behind.

So if you were planning on submitting new or updated language files, now would be a good time to send them in.

Also, if you were not aware of it, there is a mailing list, geeklog-translations, for those working on translations. All the important information regarding localisation is being posted there. So if you're working on a translation, please subscribe to this list and/or read up on it in the archives.

bye, Dirk