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Lots of thrashing, then nothing....

  • Wednesday, May 15 2002 @ 06:10 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Announcements Everything is working locally (while local to the web server) but when I access my geeklog site from the internet, there is MUCH unpredictable behavior.

The main page loads quickly and looks great. I can browse it and check out all the stories. However, when I click on login, the browser goes crazy. It starts to thrash, The screen will flash part of the menu banner and then it will go blank, then another flash, then blank. This goes on for minutes until finally the screen is either fully painted or is completely blank!

Once this is complete, no other pages will display. I can\'t even use the Back button to return to main page. The only way \'out\' and back in is to delete the browser\'s cache and all cookies.

My configuration:

Apache 1.3.24
PHP 4.0.6
MySQL 3.22.21

Also, my web server is behind a linksys firewall and is only addressible from the internet as an IP address. I do not have my own domain.com.

Thanks for any help!