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Modular/CSS-based Geeklog?

  • Friday, March 15 2002 @ 04:37 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog I installed Geeklog quite recently (1.3.2) and really like it. I started playing around with the themes and decided to make my own, one that would be put CSS. However, soon after editing the .thtml files in layout/themeName/, I found that the templates were only used for some of the page building, and that lib-common.php was actually writing markup into the page as well.

This limits themes considerably; lib-common.php should extend the method of just pulling the layout files and inserting data into them. It should not be inserting any markup of its own.

I'm guessing that the move to a fully modular separation of presentation and content is planned for 1.4. If it's not, it should be! It would make theme creation a lot easier, and would probably also make code maintenance and alteration easier as well.

It wouldn't require a CSS theme to ship with it; the same table-based themes would work fine as long as all the HTML was confined to the layout subdirectories. If that happens, I'll certainly work on a pure CSS GeekLog (hooks for browser-detection should be put in the code too).

Anyway, that's meant as constructive criticism - it's a great application!

MLimburg: It's been a problem with GL for a while, as we've moved from a 100% backend generator to the beginning of templates. A fair amount of work would be required to move it across to full templates, so we've opted to focus on GL 1.4 for true template support. Infact, I already have a version working right now :)