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Welcome To The Team!

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Announcements Wow, I posted the article about needing some code warriers and the response has been great! I had 3 volunteers including one person who can help in the near future respond! I want to introduce you all to the new Geeklog developers:

Sean Boice
Yanick Bourbeau
Jeffrey Schoolcraft

We have had 1 meeting via IRC and I must say I\'m really impressed with the ideas they guys bring to the table! I\'m going to spare you the details for now but I can say that you can expect Geeklog to really improve and you will see the installation, support and featureset improve dramatically with the addition of these guys! They have a lot of really cool ideas!

If you are interested in joining the team, let me know....you can be a part of making Geeklog one of the best weblogs out there!