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New Feature - Ratings!

  • Sunday, September 23 2001 @ 03:00 am EDT
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Geeklog Here\'s an idea for a nwe feature for Geeklog -- What\'s Popular. This could be for stories, images, polls, even replies to a story. How should we handle this? Read on. Well, in my idea, you will already have raised this story. Each time a story is viewed in detail (picked from the front page), it\'s rating goes up a notch. In addition, you can add your own score to a story, say +1 or -1. If you add a reply to the story, it additionally goes up a point. The more the story is viewed/used, it higher it gets. To lower the score, time is needed. It can be marked down every day ot two, slowly dropping the rating.

What do you all think?